Doggy Day Care & Walking

Daycare is the best place for your dog to socialise, make friends, play, learn and simply be a dog.

Doggy Day Care.

Dogs are very social creatures and the experience of spending whole days with others is priceless for their mental and physical well-being.  Dogs spend the day in one of our dog friendly gardens, being cared for at all times.  They go for walks, play with friends, get cuddles, rest in the sunshine or munch a snack – generally having a great time.

Doggy Day care 1
Doggy Day care 2

Dog Walking.

We collect the dog from your home, take her/him for at least one hour long walk in the park  – full of playing, chasing other dogs and toys, cuddles and heaps of fun and exercise, and then deliver them back.  We understand that each dog is different, so we cater to that and the walks are designed to accommodate dogs’ needs.  We also never walk dogs in large groups ensuring lots of attention to your four-legged friend.  Dogs can be walked on or off the lead, depending on your requirements.